Watercolor Basics Part I

Offered through the Conejo Valley

Park and Recreation Department



In-depth instruction covers washes, fundamentals, tricks and techniques to get a successful painting, plus color wheel basics. Call (805) 480-2631 for supply list. Location: Studio 316, 2697 Lavery Court, Unit #6.

Course Number: 0801.1161
Duration: 4 wks
Notes: (Instructor: Bob Noonan)
For Ages: 18.0 yrs – 99.0 yrs

Location: See Description for Location
Class Dates: 01/25/2016-02/15/2016
Day(s): M
Time: 4:00-5:30pm

Fee: $80.00

Art supplies through the studio will be sold at a 30% discount for all enrolled students.

Supply Suggestions;


 #14 Round Grumbacher Watercolor Brush, $13.00

 #8  Round Grumbacher Watercolor Brush, $9.70

 #4   Round Grumbacher Watercolor Brush, $6.30                           

 #000   Round Grumbacher Watercolor Brush, $8.50 

 Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor paper, 13x 17 block, $33.00

Pelikan Paint set, 12 colors, $39.00 
109.50(-30% discount, 32.85) 76.75 + tax 5.75 = $82.50
Pelikan Paint set, 24 colors, $73.50
144.00(-30% discount, 43.20) 100.80 + tax 7.56=$108.36


Art Expression for our War Veterans

Offered through the Conejo Valley Park and Reecreation Department on Thursday, January 21st at 6:30 to 8pm. 5 students maximum, 4 weeks, $80.00.
Art Expression for our War Veterans
Veterans are encouraged to express themselves through art using a wide variety of materials including but not limited to; graphite, colored pencil, charcoal, scratchboard, pastel, watercolor, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, etc.
Participants are encouraged to contact studio prior to first class to discuss medium and subject matter. Art supplies are offered at discount through studio. Call (805) 480-2631 for supply list.  Location: Studio 316, 2697 Lavery Court, Unit #6.  Instructor: Bob Noonan.

Joey & Yaya’s Design your own jewelry event


Congratulations to Annie Sun for Winning 1st Place in the Ventura County Fair Poster Contest









First Place

Annie Sun is 14 years old and lives in Newbury Park. She attends Newbury Park High school as a freshman. Annie has been drawing since the age of four, taking classes from many teachers and institutes. She loves going to the Ventura County Fair, especially going on the different rides and visiting the animals. These attractions were the main inspiration for her artwork.

Besides her passion for art, Annie loves playing the violin. She enjoys participating in her high school orchestra and in the Conejo Valley youth orchestra. Her favorite subject in school is math. She hopes her artistic ability will continue to follow her through the rest of high school, and help her get into her dream college.


In Memory of Beverly Petersen



Latest Instructor Paintings


Robert Noonan, multimedia, 1994-2014, NFS

Oil, 24 x 30, commissioned, Robert Noonan

Oil, 24 x 30, commission, Robert Noonan, August 2012, NFS

Gardens of the World- Carole Caccavo Watercolor Art Exhibit


Carole Caccavo Art Exhibit

Tuesday, August 12 – Sunday, September 21 
Having a warm love for sketching, drawing, and painting, Carole Caccavo, a longtime resident of Thousand Oaks, has been a devoted artist for many years. Initially, Carole concentrated on floral arrangements using oil paints. She gradually transitioned to teaching cloth doll making, and selling Tole painted items that she created. In the past few years, she expanded her interest in art, by painting still life scenes using watercolors. Her passion is painting countryside panoramas, rustic buildings and bridges, old world canals and street scenes. Shades of warm browns, soft beiges, light grays and mellow greens are prevalent in her paintings. She is currently enrolled at Studio 316, Thousand Oaks where she is perfecting techniques in detailing, depicting perspectives, and developing color contrasts. Carole Caccavo has exhibited her art work at the Ventura County Fair where she was awarded several First Place and Second Place ribbons.


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Studio 316 Presents- Fall Artist Reception- featuring the work of Studio 316 students

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