A special congratulations to this years winners at the Ventura County Fair. I couldn’t be more thrilled or proud…..all the hard work has paid off!

Out of the eight students that participated, Studio 316 students garnered thirteen 1st place awards, three 2nd place awards, one 3rd place, two honorable mentions and had one piece nominated for BEST IN SHOW.

Again congratulations and thanks for ‘representing…’

The winners are;

Adults/Senior Adults

Sandy Barry, 1st Place with a nomination for Best in Show and an Honorable Mention.

Beverly Petersen, one 1st Place and one 2nd Place.

Nan Cano, 1st Place.

Joanna Sansone, one 2nd Place and an Honorable Mention.

Karen Thorgusen, one 2nd Place and one 3rd Place.


Brooke Dailey, four 1st Places.

Emma McNay, four 1st Places.

Bailey Jeffrey, two 1st Places.

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